Using PrelimTracker is easy (and free)!

PrelimTracker utilizes information gathered from to provide quick, up to date data tracking of linked Preliminary Notice and Waiver (Lien Release) documents for the construction industry. As sub-contractors and material suppliers enter their Preliminary Notices in to our database, we compile and segment the data in a way that is easy to reference and reconcile for construction lenders, title companies, and owners.

1) Create an account

2) Add your project: Project Name, Legal Address, APN (Assessors Parcel Number), & the Owner (name/address)

3) Generate a PT# (this is a specially generated number from our system that identifies your project)

4) Provide your project's PT# to your general contractor

5) Your general contractor will provide your specific tracking number to their sub-contractors and material suppliers to track Preliminary Notices and waivers (lien releases) using

Upon completion of the project, you will be able to see the entire document history from the Preliminary Notice to the waivers at a glance - who was on the project, how much they were paid, if they were paid on time, if their waivers were generated in a timely manner, and if any liens were recorded, and more.

Prelim Tracker is an easy to use, free application that will allow you full, real-time visibility in to your project's cash flow.

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